• Aspiring Leaders’ Forum
    Nominations are now open for the 15th Aspiring Leaders’ Forum, which will be held in Wellington NZ from the 18th – 21st June 2020. The nominee need to be someone aged between 18 and 26, who exhibits leadership potential in their sphere of influence. The Forum is an incredible opportunity for young leaders to interact with and learn from a diverse group of peers and leaders from the nation of New Zealand. We hoping to send a young delegate representing Redlands Rotary.
    Here's the vision that New Zealand leaders have for this Forum:
    • To challenge and inspire young leaders to think proactively about leadership.
    • To encourage aspiring leaders to examine the faith and values that inform their approach to leadership.

    • To invest in young leaders by offering them life-changing experiences and mentoring.

    • To help establish relationships between New Zealand’s current and future leaders.

    • To provide opportunities for meaningful cross-cultural interaction.

    • To see an increase in active community service across Aotearoa New Zealand.

    We have the opportunity to send young American leader to learn from and with young New Zealanders.


    The Aspiring Leaders’ Forum on faith and values is an annual event that brings together a diverse group of committed and courageous young leaders from across Aotearoa New Zealand. This year will be the fifteenth Forum held in Wellington. Guided by facilitators and esteemed national leaders, selected young people

    will discuss leadership from a narrative point of view, throughout a carefully articulated and varied four-day programme.

    The philosophy of the Forum is that serving others is the best foundation for meaningful lives, healthy communities and leadership. The Forum aims to

    explore the personal character foundations of integrity, humility, commitment, courage and aroha – all of which enable us to live for something greater than self- interest.

    While Members of Parliament host aspects of the Forum, the focus is not political. Instead it is about encouraging young people to become better leaders in their sphere of influence – be it community, arts, business, politics or sport.

    “This experience has made me visibly more motivated to make unique contributions to the world, directed by the core values I unearthed in this process.” HANNAH FINNIGAN [Delegate]

    FORUM PROGRAMME: 18–21 JUNE 2020

    Highlights include: a day spent in Parliament House, keynote addresses from senior politicians; keynote addresses from inspiring leaders of varying societal spheres; small group discussions; a community service project, a sports afternoon and an epic barn dance.

    Small group time is a significant dimension of the Forum programme, providing delegates with an opportunity to make close friendships. These friendships often become peer support-networks, helping to reinforce the things learned at Forum.

    Accommodation is situated at the Intercontinental Wellington, one of Wellington’s premier hotels.

    Past Speakers have included Dame Jenny Shipley, Mike King, Andrew Judd, Hon Bill English, Mark Powell, Sir Ralph Norris, Annah Stretton, Trina Tamati, Sir Ray Avery, Tommy Kapai Wilson, Paul Blackwell and many others.

    The Forum was birthed fifteen years ago from a desire by political, business and community leaders to take a proactive approach in developing the next generation of leaders. A large community of volunteers across Aotearoa New Zealand is involved in serving Aspiring Leaders’ Forum year to year. These volunteers work alongside the part-time office staff. The Board of The New Zealand Leaders’ Trust governs the Forum.


    Aspiring Leaders’ Forum is supported by the following Members of the New Zealand Parliament:

    Hon. Amy Adams
    Kiri Allan
    Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi
    Andrew Bayly
    Hon. David Bennett
    Simeon Brown
    Hon. Gerry Brownlee
    Rt. Hon. David Carter
    Hon. David Clark
    Matt Doocey
    Hon. Ruth Dyson
    Paul Eagle
    Andrew Falloon
    Hon. Paul Goldsmith
    Hon. Peeni Henare
    Raymond Huo
    Hon. Willie Jackson
    Hon. Nikki Kaye
    Melissa Lee
    Denise Lee
    Hon. Iain Lees-Galloway
    Agnes Loheni
    Jo Luxton
    Hon. Tim Macindoe
    Hon. Nanaia Mahuta
    Kieran McAnulty
    Hon. Todd McClay
    Ian McKelvie
    Todd Muller
    Hon. Alfred Ngaro
    Simon O’Connor
    Rt. Hon. Winston Peters
    Maureen Pugh
    Priyanca Radhakrishnan
    Alastair Scott
    Hon. Scott Simpson
    Erica Stanford
    Chlöe Swarbrick
    Fletcher Tabuteau
    Jan Tinetti
    Anne Tolley
    Louise Upston
    Nicky Wagner
    Louisa Wall
    Hon. Michael Woodhouse
    Jian Yang
    Jonathan Young

  • How can I have faith – Alpha 4

    If you were filling out a form that asked your religion, what would you write?

    1. What are your earliest impressions of God?
    2. What do you think it means to have a “relationship” with God?
    3. Look for an illustration/story that stands out to you?

    1. Thinking about the portrait of Jesus and the door with no handle on Jesus’ side, how do you feel/think about this?
    2. How would you characterize your relationship with God?
    3. When it is said that Christianity will make a change in your character, how do you feel?
    4. Nicky said that it is important to base our faith on the promises of the Bible rather than on our own feelings. Why is that so important? 
    5. What were some of the promises in the Bible that Nicky talks about? Which of those promises is most meaningful for you?
    6. Do you think it is arrogant of someone to say they are sure they are going to heaven?
    7. What are some examples of people trying to be ‘good enough’ for God to be pleased with them?
    8. Nicky said the Holy Spirit helps us to be sure of our faith in Christ, because we see changes in our lives. What changes have you experienced in your character or relationships with others (little or significant)?
    9. Last week we talked about “Why did Jesus Die?”. Today Nicky spoke about that again. How is the death of Jesus relevant to a relationship with God?
    10. What is your biggest take away from the message?
  • Dealing with Temptations

    We build quality character over a lifetime and can mess it up in a moment.

  • Why Did Jesus Die? – Alpha 3

    1. Was there an illustration/story from the message that stood out to you?
    2. What is your reaction to the crucifixion of Jesus?
    3. What is the difference between the death of Jesus and the death of Socrates, one of the martyrs, or a war hero?
    4. Do you feel that sin is an outdated concept or is it something you think about?
    5. How do you respond to the word “sin” and the word “forgiveness?”
    6. What else do we tend to put our trust in?
    7. In the video, Nicky said “sin is the greatest problem that confronts people today.” What is your understanding of ‘sin’?
    8. Nicky talked about the power of sin, that we become ‘slaves to sin’. Would you agree that sin is addictive and destructive? How so?
    9. What are some examples of sin that you see in our world today, individually, locally, globally? (Also physical, emotional, social, etc)
    10. What are your thoughts about the penalty for sin. Should all sin be punished in some way? Even our own?
    11. Jesus took our place on the cross, not just so we can go to heaven, but so that our quality of life on earth would be very different. How so? (freedom from sin, forgiveness, clean conscience, relationship with God, peace, joy, healing, future secure) 7. How would you answer someone who said that “God is unjust because He punished Jesus, an innocent party, instead of us?” (I & the Father are one, John 10:30; I am in the Father & Father in me, John 14:10,11)
    12. What is your biggest take away from the message?
  • God's Place in Important Decisions

    How we make an important decision, determines more than the choice we make; it can shape the kind of person we become.