• Thank You for Giving to the Lord

    Giving Img (1)The Mission Committee has announced their annual Thanksgiving Offering.

    As we enter the season of harvest and gratitude, we are reminded of the importance and power of giving thanks. But how do we even begin to say thank you to a God who has done so much for us? One of the ways is to show God’s love for our neighbors through our Thanksgiving offering. As you know, your gifts are directed through our Missions Committee to both local ministries doing social services work, and to ministries involved in foreign evangelism and relief. You have been very generous, and for that we are very thankful.

    While your gifts are for both local and foreign organizations, the Missions Committee has decided to emphasize local ministries in our Thanksgiving offering, and foreign evangelistic ministries in our Christmas offering. This in no way lessens the importance of either, but it does make it easier for us to spotlight them, and for you to understand their functions. On the below image is a list of the local ministries we have elected to support this year, along with a short description of their activities. In our Christmas offering letter we will highlight foreign evangelism ministries.

    There are many local Ministries doing wonderful things in Redlands to advance Christian compassion and justice in a meaningful way. One significant criterion for selecting local Ministries to support financially emphasizes those where our members can become actively involved in a “hands-on” way, and for them to see the impact of the Ministry in our community. We are also mindful of opportunities to invite others outside our congregation to be involved with our own members in active ministry.

    Your Thanksgiving offering can be received in multiple ways: You may direct your offering to a specific ministry or ministries, or you may simply make a general offering knowing we will follow the goals we have provided for each ministry. You are invited to fill and mail back the Thanksgiving envelope you were mailed, place your offering in an offering basket during service, or drop off at the church office.

    We are humbled by God’s grace and overwhelmed by the love God has shown us. May your Thanksgiving be blessed with God’s abundant love.

    Missions Thanksgiving Offering Flyer 10_23 (3)

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    Girl tearKara Powell, a professor at Fuller Theological Seminary and Director of the Fuller Youth Institute, has written:

    "As the #MeToo movement grows in momentum, more and more survivors of harassment, assault, and abuse are gaining the confidence to speak out. Even this last week, many of us have been riveted by sexual assault allegations that hold national ramifications. As faith-filled members of the Body of Christ who care about all young people—both male and female—we often find ourselves asking: How can we respond?"

    Kara has partnered with therapists Megan Lundgren and Alex Van Fleet, to make available suggestions for a compassionate response when a student discloses abuse.  Check out the Fuller Institute Blog for helpful input.