• Why did Jesus die?


    If we are honest, we all have to admit that we do things we know are wrong. This week in Apha we looked at the problem of sin, God’s solution, and the result of Jesus’ death. We may have heard that Jesus died on the cross, but we are left asking the question, “Why did He die?” Does Jesus’ death really have relevance to our lives today? As you think of the death of Jesus, ask yourself we can ask ourselves this question:

    What does the word “forgiveness” mean to me?

  • Who is Jesus

    After viewing this week's Alpha video think about this question: What would you say to Jesus if you could meet him face to face.

  • Is there more to life than this?

    Think about this Alpha question:  "If it turned out there was a God after all, and you could ask one question, what would it be?"  You can jot down your thoughts and bring them to Alpha next week.  Invite a friend!  You may review with them our first session in this video and join us at FCC next Wednesday at 6PM.

    This coming week, we will look at some of the evidence regarding the historical Jesus. Particularly consider inviting guests who may like to explore the variety of ideas about Jesus and sort out the evidence.


  • The leader's got to know their limitations

  • Beginning a Great Adventure this Wednesday Evening

    Alpha Film Series // Trailer from Alpha USA on Vimeo.