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  • Taking Time with the Spirit

    Spiritual growth comes in moments of instant submission to the grace of God AND in the process of humble availability to God’s Spirit over time.

  • How can we respond to hurting students?

    Girl tearKara Powell, a professor at Fuller Theological Seminary and Director of the Fuller Youth Institute, has written:

    "As the #MeToo movement grows in momentum, more and more survivors of harassment, assault, and abuse are gaining the confidence to speak out. Even this last week, many of us have been riveted by sexual assault allegations that hold national ramifications. As faith-filled members of the Body of Christ who care about all young people—both male and female—we often find ourselves asking: How can we respond?"

    Kara has partnered with therapists Megan Lundgren and Alex Van Fleet, to make available suggestions for a compassionate response when a student discloses abuse.  Check out the Fuller Institute Blog for helpful input. 

  • Thank You for Giving to the Lord

    Freely-99671 (1)Our chancel choir began the fall season with the wonderful anthem by Raymond Boltz titled: Thank You for Giving to the Lord. I echo these words as my theme for our Season of Stewardship:

    Thank you for giving to the Lord
    I am so glad that you gave

    The Boltz song describes a dream scene in heaven where a grown child meets his Sunday School Teacher. The student says:

    “You may not know me now,”
    But then [the child says,] “But wait,
    You used to teach my Sunday school
    When I was only eight
    Every week you would say a prayer
    Before the class would start
    One morning when you said that prayer
    I asked Jesus in my heart”

    Some say: “I can’t help out with Sunday School, I don’t have the gift;” or “Been there, done that—now no more!” we have an increasing number of people giving at least an hour once a month to young people. Your contribution has eternal consequences. We may one day face a grown child in heaven who says:

     “Thank you for giving to the Lord
    I am a life that was changed”

    Our church is doing some wonderful things for children and youth.  Julio (from our church) and Dominique (from our sister church—Restoration) have offered significant leadership for a growing ministry with young people.  This past Sunday they had over 80 kids from churches around town, in our Kimberly Hall, worshipping and learning about Jesus.

    We are also reaching young people, outside our churches; at-risk youth throughout our community and around the world. We have meaningful partnerships with Youth Hope, Empower a Child in Kenya, Urban Promise International, and more. I believe that many of us will one day hear a heavenly word from those children:

    “You didn't have much money
    But you gave it anyway
    Jesus took the gift you gave
    And that's why I'm here today”

    Thank you for giving to the Lord.  This is the word of the children to us who give. Our generosity is supporting the Lord’s work in their lives. 

    I like the way the Boltz song concludes.  It seems to transition from the words of the children into the very voice of Jesus, Himself.  He says to us: 

    Thank You!
    I am so glad you gave
    I am so glad you gave
    I am so glad you gave

    I echo these words of the children and our Master.


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