Music School

About Us

The First Congregational Church is enormously blessed with a church music program led by superior talent. Over the years this has encouraged church attendance and music participation on many levels. The FCC Music School is an outgrowth of this excellent tradition and wishes to extend this great sharing in more directions. The Music School coordinates the FCC Players, the Lenten Organ Recital Series, Organ Bench Invitations, various instrumental ensembles, individual instructional lessons, and volunteer guest concerts. Dr. Ed Yarnelle has volunteered to coordinate these activities and can be contacted with any questions or interest.


Music Programs

FCC Players

The FCC Players are very proud to encourage, capture, and share the great gift of music in our community as they produce vocal “showcases”, opera/operetta productions, and more. Our purpose is to both entertain and educate audiences while featuring fantastic local talent.

Our past productions include “Amahl and the Night Visitors”, an original production, “Apologies to Gilbert & Sullivan”, and community Christmas sing-a-longs complete with bells and wonderful fellowship. Follow us for our next productions!

Ensembles & Concerts

Wind, Brass, and String Ensembles provides an opportunity to come together and play for fun. Lacking maybe the intensity of individual instruction, FCC Music School gives a space for all to dust off instruments, get embouchure ready, do a few scales, and come together to see how many “wrong” notes can be played. Performances occur during church services and various planned recitals.

Our Music School is often approached by the community to come and offer free concerts, such as the Redlands Community Chorus under the direction of Jeffrey Rickard. We’d love to encourage any artist or groups to contact Dr. Yarnelle to offer our fellowship their musical sounds.

Lessons & Outreach

The FCC Music School provides individual voice and/or instrumental lessons from talented individuals. Students will receive holistic music instruction as well as perform in recitals and events to develop performance practices. For more information, email or call (909) 793-3157.

The FCC Music School has a strong desire to reach out to spread and share the joy that music brings. A few of our programs for music outreach include the Lenten Organ Recital Series and the Organ Bench Invitations; these programs allow both young and old to perform on our wonderful Turner organ.