FCC Youth Group

FCC Youth Group meets every Sunday from 6:00p – 7:30p. We participate in group discussions, games, and activities meant to not only bring us closer to one another, but closer to God as well. As we walk through our lives together, we grow in our understanding of ourselves, our world, and our faith. FCC Youth is open to those from 6th grade to 12th grade. For more information about FCC Youth you may contact our Director of Youth and Family Ministries, Armando Garcia, through email: or call our office at (909) 793-3157.

Photo by Coco McKown Photography

Kimberly Bell Choir

FCC’s Kimberly Bell Choir is a great opportunity for youth to grow in their skills with music. The Kimberly Bell Choir helps our youth to learn sight-reading, Music fundamentals, and of course the fundamentals of bells themselves. Kimberly bell choir is open to 6th 7th and 8th graders. For more information about FCC’s Kimberly Bell Choir feel free to contact us at or by phone at (909) 793-3157.

More Youth Programs Coming soon, so check back often!